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Curry Paste

At BRC, we are passionate about bringing authentic flavor to your kitchen with our handcrafted curry pastes. Made with the finest, locally sourced ingredients and traditional spices, our curry pastes are the perfect foundation for creating delicious and authentic dishes at home.

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Our team of experts carefully blends each batch by hand, ensuring that every jar of curry paste is bursting with bold and aromatic flavors. From mild and aromatic to fiery and spicy, we offer a range of blends to suit any taste and occasion. With our commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, you can trust that every jar of our curry paste will bring the taste of authentic cuisine to your kitchen.


  • Biryani Paste
  • Korma Paste
  • Vindaloo Paste
  • Tandoori Paste
  • Tikka Paste
  • Rogan Josh Paste
  • Balti Paste
  • Butter Chicken Paste
  • Kabsa Paste
  • Majboos Paste
  • Garam Masala Paste

Bringing flavor to
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