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Topping for Biryani

It is the perfect way to take your biryani from good to great.

Nothing tops a delicious plate of biryani quite like crispy fried onions. Biryani is an age-old Indian rice dish that has become popular among many cultures and cuisines throughout the world. By adding a crispy fried onion topping, you can take your biryani to the next level. Fried onions give an extra crunch and flavor boost to this flavorful dish.

Do you love biryani? If so, then you’re about to get excited for this amazing crispy fried onion topping made with BRC Fried Onions! It is the perfect way to take your biryani from good to great.

This delicious topping takes only minutes to make and the result will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey. Imagine biting into fragrant basmati rice, creamy raita, succulent meat or vegetables and then getting greeted by the crunchy texture of onions – it definitely won’t disappoint. All you need are some BRC Fried Onions and 15 minutes of your time!

It’s easy to see why fried onions are a popular garnish for many Indian dishes like biryani. Not only do they add flavor but also texture and color – making them an ideal choice as a topping or side dish.

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